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 ## Official  ## Official
 NetBSD developers maintain GitHub presence at <https://GitHub.com/NetBSD>:  [NetBSD developers](//www.NetBSD.org/people/developers.html) maintain GitHub presence at <https://GitHub.com/NetBSD>:
 * <https://github.com/NetBSD>  * <https://github.com/NetBSD>
   ### GitHub NetBSD org membership
   Anyone with a `NetBSD.org` account is eligible for an invitation to our organisation on GitHub; 
   email your NetBSD.org and GitHub.com login names to `cnst@` and/or `joerg@`. 
   Once an invitation is furnished by GitHub, it must be accepted by the recipient. 
   In order to publicly show your affiliation with the NetBSD organisation on GitHub, you 
   must also toggle the *organisation visibility* setting from *Private* to *Public* 
   (this membership setting affects public visibility both on your own public profile page 
   as well as within the public <https://GitHub.com/orgs/NetBSD/people> page; 
   the default is *Private*, and it cannot be toggled to *Public* by the owners of the org).
   ### Official repositories on GitHub
 The `src`, `xsrc` and `pkgsrc` repositories, each as a read-only copy,  The `src`, `xsrc` and `pkgsrc` repositories, each as a read-only copy,
 have been available under `github.com/NetBSD` since 2017-06:  have been available under `github.com/NetBSD` since 2017-06:

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