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This article aims to show configuration examples for common configurations. Configuration examples for [[login.conf]], [[sysctl.conf]] or specific parameters required to [[newfs]] for particular setups belong here, but the article should not become a configuration files gallery for every setup. It also does not aim to explain every detail of the configuration. Links should be provided to the relevant detailed documentation. 

For performance-oriented configuration details, also see [[Tuning NetBSD for performance]]. 

This article is a work in progress. 

#  Desktop PC 

Generally, desktop systems run applications which heavily require executable and stack pages. Part of the file buffer cache may be sacrificed in most cases to permit the system to keep more executable pages in live memory. 



kernel configuration: 
    options         SHMMAXPGS=32768 # 2048 pages is the default


#  Database server 

##  PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL recommends the following in its documentation: 
    options        SYSVSHM
    options        SHMMAXPGS=4096
    options        SHMSEG=256
    options        SYSVSEM
    options        SEMMNI=256
    options        SEMMNS=512
    options        SEMMNU=256
    options        SEMMAP=256

Also recommends to enable **kern.ipc.shm_use_phys**. 

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