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 UNIVERSITY](http://www.meisei-u.ac.jp/access/hino.html), Tokyo, Japan*  UNIVERSITY](http://www.meisei-u.ac.jp/access/hino.html), Tokyo, Japan*
 At the [Open Source Conference 2015  At the [Open Source Conference 2015
 Tokyo/Fall](http://www.ospn.jp/osc2015-fall/), there will a NetBSD  Tokyo/Fall](http://www.ospn.jp/osc2015-fall/), there will be a NetBSD
 booth staffed by members of the [Japan NetBSD Users'  booth staffed by members of the [Japan NetBSD Users'
 Group](http://www.jp.NetBSD.org/) with NetBSD gadget demonstrations   Group](http://www.jp.NetBSD.org/) with NetBSD gadget demonstrations 
 and [BSD BOF](https://www.ospn.jp/osc2015-fall/modules/eguide/event.php?eid=4).  and [BSD BOF](https://www.ospn.jp/osc2015-fall/modules/eguide/event.php?eid=4).

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