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[[!meta title="The Attic Museum"]]

Over time, several kernel components were removed from NetBSD, often because
they were poorly written, and too hard to maintain.

This page provides a list of these removed components, with references to the
original code.

Only the features that were not superseded are listed.

[[!table data="""
Component	|Category		|Removed Since	|References
vm86		|x86 CPU Mode		|08/2017	|Many, was widespread, not reinstatable
ipkdb		|Remote Debugger	|07/2018	|[Commit](
n8		|Driver			|08/2018	|[Commit](
ndis		|Network Driver		|08/2018	|[Commit](
midway		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
natm		|Network Protocol	|09/2018	|[Commit](
daic		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
iavc		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
ifpci		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
ifritz		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
iwic		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
isic		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|[Commit](
isdn		|Network Protocol	|09/2018	|[Userland Commit](, [Kernel Commit](
lmc		|Network Driver		|12/2018	|[Commit](

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