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Add a column, to provide an estimation of the NetBSD release that had the
most functional version of each component, and add a sentence to explain.

Put NetBSD 4 in compat_svr4, suggested off-list by Brandon Wickelhaus.

While here add the userland commit for NDIS.

[[!meta title="The Attic Museum"]]

Over time, several kernel components were removed from NetBSD, often because
they were too hard to maintain, not always functional, and because the features
they implemented were not particularly wanted anymore.

This page provides a list of these removed components, with references to the
original code.

Only the features that were not superseded are listed.

Each component used to be maintained and functional, but over time became
broken because of lack of interest and inability to test changes, especially
on old hardware and ABIs. An estimation is provided of the NetBSD release
believed to have had the most functional version of each feature, before the
feature started deprecating. Note that this estimation may not be totally

[[!table data="""
Component	|Category		|Removed Since	|Most Functional Version	|References
vm86		|x86 CPU Mode		|08/2017	|NetBSD 7			|Many, was widespread, not reinstatable
ipkdb		|Remote Debugger	|07/2018	|				|[Commit](
n8		|Driver			|08/2018	|				|[Commit](
ndis		|Network Driver		|08/2018	|				|[Userland Commit](, [Kernel Commit](
midway		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
natm		|Network Protocol	|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
daic		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
iavc		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
ifpci		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
ifritz		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
iwic		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
isic		|Network Driver		|09/2018	|				|[Commit](
isdn		|Network Protocol	|09/2018	|				|[Userland Commit](, [Kernel Commit](
lmc		|Network Driver		|12/2018	|				|[Commit](
compat_svr4	|Compatibility layer	|12/2018	|NetBSD 4			|[Commit](

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