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Line 41  The following AMIs are for 64 bits insta Line 41  The following AMIs are for 64 bits insta
 ## i386 -- 32 bits AMIs  ## i386 -- 32 bits AMIs
 32 bits is not currently supported under EC2. The kernel will boot successfully, but it will panic() when executing [[!template id=man name=init section=8]]. Work is in progress to fix this issue.  The following AMIs are for 32-bit instances.
   Note: these AMIs send an email to the maintainer on first launch, to
   help gauge usage.
 <table class="center">  <table class="center">
 <tr>  <tr>
   <th>NetBSD version</th>    <th>NetBSD version</th>
   <th>us-east-1<br />(Virginia)</th>    <th>us-east-1<br />(Virginia)</th>
   <th>us-west-1<br />(N. California)</th>    <th>us-west-1<br />(N. California)</th>
     <th>us-west-2<br />(Oregon)</th>
   <th>eu-west-1<br />(Ireland)</th>    <th>eu-west-1<br />(Ireland)</th>
   <th>ap-southeast-1<br />(Singapore)</th>    <th>ap-southeast-1<br />(Singapore)</th>
   <th>ap-northeast-1<br />(Tokyo)</th>    <th>ap-northeast-1<br />(Tokyo)</th>
     <th>sa-east-1<br />(Sao Paulo)</th>
 </tr>  </tr>
 <tr>  <tr>
   <th>NetBSD 5.1</th>    <th>NetBSD 5.1.2</th>
   <td></td>    <td>ami-230fdf4a</td>
   <td></td>    <td>ami-b14f16f4</td>
   <td></td>    <td>ami-707ef340</td>
   <td></td>    <td>ami-81d0eef5</td>
   <td></td>    <td>ami-5c55110e</td>
 </tr>  </tr>
 <tr>  <tr>
   <th>NetBSD-HEAD (5.99.45)</th>    <th>NetBSD-HEAD (5.99.64)</th>
   <td></td>    <td></td>
   <td></td>    <td></td>
   <td></td>    <td></td>

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