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 # Introduction  Welcome to NetBSD's Amazon EC2 page. You will find below all the resources that will help you understanding, building, starting and managing NetBSD instances under Amazon cloud platform.
 This tutorial aims at showing how you can build, setup, upload and launch NetBSD under the [Amazon EC2](http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/) service. We will first give some brief explanations on how you can obtain an AWS account, and what you will need to run NetBSD under EC2. Then, at your convenience, you will be able to start with pre-made images, or roll-out your own.  * [Subscribe to Amazon EC2, and understand its vocabulary](first_steps)
   * [Launching your first NetBSD instance in 5 minutes](netbsd_in_5_min)
 # Subscribe to AWS (Amazon Web Services)  * [Building your own NetBSD AMI](build_your_own_ami)
   * [NetBSD AMIs identifiers, by region](amis)
 If you already have an account for [Amazon Web Services](http://aws.amazon.com/), and you are a registered user for EC2 service, you can directly jump to section [What do you need to know](#index2h2). If not, keep reading.  
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