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Line 104  cd src Line 104  cd src
 ./build.sh -O ../obj -T ../tools -D ../dest -R ../release -m amd64 -U distribution  ./build.sh -O ../obj -T ../tools -D ../dest -R ../release -m amd64 -U distribution
 ./build.sh -O ../obj -T ../tools -m amd64 kernel=XEN3_DOMU  ./build.sh -O ../obj -T ../tools -m amd64 kernel=XEN3_DOMU
 # install distribution in /mnt/ec2  # install distribution in /mnt/ec2
 su ./build.sh -O ../obj -T ../tools -D ../dest -R ../release -U -V INSTALLSETS="base etc" install=/mnt/ec2  su root ./build.sh -O ../obj -T ../tools -D ../dest -R ../release -U -V INSTALLSETS="base etc" install=/mnt/ec2
 """]]  """]]
 # Configuration of your NetBSD EC2 tree  # Configuration of your NetBSD EC2 tree

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