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Line 284  We can proceed to the creation of our AM Line 284  We can proceed to the creation of our AM
 1. */dev/sda2* as root file-system (*/dev/sdf*, snapshot **snap-deef2bb2** of volume **vol-36f88d5e**)  1. */dev/sda2* as root file-system (*/dev/sdf*, snapshot **snap-deef2bb2** of volume **vol-36f88d5e**)
 [[!template id=programlisting text="""  [[!template id=programlisting text="""
 $ ec2-register -a x86_64 --kernel aki-4e7d9527 --region us-east-1 \  $ ec2-register -a x86_64 --kernel aki-427d952b --region us-east-1 \
     -b "/dev/sda1=snap-8aef2be6" -b "/dev/sda2=snap-deef2bb2" -n "NetBSD-x86_64-current" \      -b "/dev/sda1=snap-8aef2be6" -b "/dev/sda2=snap-deef2bb2" -n "NetBSD-x86_64-current" \
     -d "<add your own description here>      -d "<add your own description here>
 IMAGE   <strong>ami-74d0231d</strong>  IMAGE   <strong>ami-74d0231d</strong>

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