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Line 281  We pick the one with the correct archite Line 281  We pick the one with the correct archite
 $ ec2-register -a x86_64 --kernel aki-4e7d9527 --region us-east-1 \  $ ec2-register -a x86_64 --kernel aki-4e7d9527 --region us-east-1 \
     -b "/dev/sda1=snap-8aef2be6" -b "/dev/sda2=snap-deef2bb2" -n "NetBSD-x86_64-current" \      -b "/dev/sda1=snap-8aef2be6" -b "/dev/sda2=snap-deef2bb2" -n "NetBSD-x86_64-current" \
     -d "<add your own description here>      -d "<add your own description here>
 IMAGE   ami-74d0231d  IMAGE   <strong>ami-74d0231d</strong>
 """]]  """]]
 # Play with your first NetBSD instance  # Play with your first NetBSD instance
Line 292  You can now start your own NetBSD instan Line 292  You can now start your own NetBSD instan
 $ ec2-run-instances ami-74d0231d -t t1.micro -z us-east-1c       $ ec2-run-instances ami-74d0231d -t t1.micro -z us-east-1c     
 RESERVATION     r-08218465      983624114127    default  RESERVATION     r-08218465      983624114127    default
 INSTANCE        <strong>i-953d72f9</strong>      ami-74d0231d                    pending         0               t1.micro        2011-02-18T02:05:46+0000        us-east-1c      aki-4e7d9527                    monitoring-disabled  INSTANCE        <strong>i-953d72f9</strong>      ami-74d0231d                    pending         0               t1.micro        2011-02-18T02:05:46+0000        us-east-1c      aki-4e7d9527                    monitoring-disabled
   *** Wait a few minutes, micro instances take time to start ***
   # Query console output for your new instance
 $ ec2-get-console-output i-953d72f9  $ ec2-get-console-output i-953d72f9
 [...]  [...]
 """]]  """]]
 ## Create the instance  
 ## Connect to it  ## Connect to it
 ## And now?  ## And now?

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