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[[!meta title="GNOME"]]


[GNOME]( is an X11 desktop environment designed to simple and easy to use. It is 
developed by [The GNOME Project]( Components of GNOME3 
and later versions have been ported to NetBSD and are available through [[pkgsrc]]([meta-pkgs/gnome3](
and [pkgsrc-wip](

GNOME packages are under active development. Only Xorg session are currently supported. Input gestures 
are not available and haven't been tested.

## Installation
A minimal GNOME session would require [gnome-session](, 
[mutter](, and [gnome-shell](h(
[meta-pkgs/gnome3]( offers an easy way to install the components and applications
needed for running GNOME.

## Running
The [D-Bus daemon]( [must be started]( before attempting to run a GNOME session.

### Manually
Add the following to the `~/.xinitrc` file and run `startx`:  

	# uncomment the following line, and replace ${PREFIX} in case mutter crashes due to XCURSOR_PATH
	# export XCURSOR_PATH=${PREFIX}/share/icons
	exec gnome-session

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