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web commit by mspo: I do not think we will use smileys in our wiki

    1: This page is used to control what smileys are supported by the wiki.
    2: Just write the text of a smiley to display it.
    5: ----
    7: To change the supported smileys, just edit the lists on this page.
    8: Note that the format is important; each list item should start with the
    9: text that is turned into the smiley, escaped so that users can see what
   10: produces it, followed by a [[ikiwiki/WikiLink]] to the image to display.
   12: /!\ Bear in mind that the link to the image needs to be written in a way that
   13: will work if it's copied to other pages on the wiki. So be sure to include the
   14: smileys directory in the path to the file.

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