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 ## Grabbing audio CDs  ## Grabbing audio CDs
   Grabbing audio CDs can be done using various ways.
   ### Using the package *abcde*
   *abcde* is an acronym for A Basic CD Encoder and is available from pkgsrc. This package grabs a CD using the cdparanoia package for optimum readout quality and encodes the audio with selectable backends vorbis, mp3, flac, spx, mpc wav and m4a.
   Grab the disk using
       abcde -d /dev/rcd0d -o mp3 -p -P
   This will encode the disc track-by-track padding the tracknumbers with a leading 0 and using UNIX pipes to read+encode without leaving the WAV files. See for details the cdparanoia and abcde manpages and help messages.
 ## Burning audio CDs  ## Burning audio CDs
 # Data  # Data

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