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# NetBSD Community

Get in contact with other NetBSD users. Ask for help or share your experience and technical knowledge. Explore the activities and resources of the NetBSD community.

## Mailing lists

NetBSD "happens" primarily on [mailing lists](//  You are encouraged to join, at least, [netbsd-users](//, [netbsd-announce](//, and [current-users](// if you are running NetBSD-current.

## Social media

* [Follow us on Twitter](

## Internet Relay Chat

NetBSD channels are available on the following IRC networks:

* Channel [#NetBSD]( on [freenode](
* Channel [#NetBSD-code]( on [freenode](
* Channel [#pkgsrc]( on [freenode](
* Channel #NetBSD on [IRCnet](
* Channel #NetBSD on [EFnet](

## Internet forums, discussion groups, etc

* [/r/NetBSD on Reddit](
* [NetBSD on UnitedBSD](
* [Daemon Forums](

## Usenet newsgroups

* [comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.announce](news:comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.announce)
* [comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc](news:comp.unix.bsd.netbsd.misc)
* [comp.unix.bsd.misc](news:comp.unix.bsd.misc)

## User groups and regional resources

[User groups and other regional resources of the NetBSD community](

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