Over time, several kernel components were removed from NetBSD, often because they were too hard to maintain, not always functional, and because the features they implemented were not particularly wanted anymore.

This page provides a list of these removed components, with references to the original code.

Only the features that were not superseded are listed.

Each component used to be maintained and functional, but over time became broken because of lack of interest and inability to test changes, especially on old hardware and ABIs. An estimation is provided of the NetBSD release believed to have had the most functional version of each feature, before the feature started deprecating. Note that this estimation may not be totally accurate.

Component Category Removed Since Most Functional Version References
I386_CPU 80386 CPU support 11/2007 NetBSD 2 Commit
systrace Monitoring framework 12/2007 NetBSD 3.0.1 Commit
compat_hpux Compatibility Layer 12/2007 NetBSD 1.3 Commit
pc532 Port 01/2008 NetBSD 2 Commit
compat_darwin Compatibility Layer 04/2011 Commit
compat_irix Compatibility Layer 04/2011 NetBSD 1.6 Commit
compat_pecoff Compatibility Layer 04/2011 Commit
netiso Network Protocol 03/2013 Commit
vm86 x86 CPU Mode 08/2017 NetBSD 7 Many, was widespread, not reinstatable
acorn26 Port 01/2018 NetBSD 7 Commit
ipkdb Remote Debugger 07/2018 Commit
n8 Device Driver 08/2018 Commit
ndis Network Driver 08/2018 Userland Commit, Kernel Commit
midway Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
natm Network Protocol 09/2018 Commit
daic Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
iavc Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
ifpci Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
ifritz Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
iwic Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
isic Network Driver 09/2018 Commit
isdn Network Protocol 09/2018 Userland Commit, Kernel Commit
lmc Network Driver 12/2018 Commit
compat_svr4 Compatibility Layer 12/2018 NetBSD 4 Commit
compat_ibcs2 Compatibility Layer 12/2018 Commit
satlink Device Driver 01/2019 Commit
compat_osf1 Compatibility Layer 03/2019 Commit
uyurex Device Driver 01/2020 Commit
strip Network Driver 01/2020 Commit
esh Network Driver 01/2020 Commit
HIPPI Network Protocol 01/2020 Commit
de Network Driver 01/2020 Commit
Token Ring Network Protocol 01/2020 Commit
tr Network Driver 01/2020 Commit
filemon Pseudo Device 01/2020 Commit
FDDI Network Protocol 01/2020 Commit
fpa Network Driver 01/2020 Commit
azalia Audio Driver 02/2020 Commit
urio Device Driver 01/2020 Commit
uyap Device Driver 05/2020 Commit
toasterlcd Device Driver 05/2020 Commit
toastersensors Device Driver 05/2020 Commit
TOASTER Kernel Config 05/2020 Commit
uscanner Device Driver 06/2021 Commit