If you're a NetBSD developer, you can:

Either or both. Whichever's more convenient when the urge strikes you.

If you're not a NetBSD developer, you can add a comment to any page.


Text is formatted in Markdown, with WikiLink and directive extensions. When editing in a browser, you can play in the SandBox; help is always available via a link below the textarea.

Various templates are available as well. More...

Locally previewing NetBSD wiki with template

To set up ikiwiki locally to preview changes without committing or logging in via a browser please see the Previewing NetBSD Wiki with template page.

Your first page

If you're a developer, create a users page for yourself. It's your personal wiki space, and also lets you sign your discussion posts like so. --schmonz

What next

Write whatever you like, wherever you like. It's a wiki! Have fun. :-)