NetBSD v.s. ISAs

The platform supported by gcc-4.8.0 and other non-FSF branches.

Architecture Description NetBSD support
aarch64 64bit ARM
alpha DEC Alpha Y
arm 32bit ARM Y
avr Atmel AVR (8bit)
avr32 Atmel AVR32 Y(not merged yet)
bfin Analog Devices Blackfin
c6x TI TMS320C6x
cr16 National Semiconductor CR16
cris Axis ETRAX CRIS
epiphany Adapteva Epiphany
eSi-RISC EnSilica eSi-RISC
fr30 Fujitsu FR30
frv Fujitsu FR-V
h8300 Hitachi/Renesas H8/300
i386 Intel 32bit Y
ia64 Intel Itanium Y
iq2000 Vitesse IQ2000
lm32 LatticeMico32 Y(not merged yet)
m32c Mitsubishi/Renesas M32C
m32r Mitsubishi/Renesas M32R
m68k Motorola 68000 Y
m88k Motorola 88000
mcore Motorola M-CORE
mep Toshiba Media Processor
microblaze Xilinx MicroBlaze
mips32 MIPS 32bit Y
mips64 MIPS 64bit Y
mmix Donald Knuth's MMIX
mn10300 Matsushita MN10300
moxie Moxie's architecture
nios2 Altera Nios II Y(private)
OpenRISC OpenCores OpenRISC
pa HP PA-RISC Y(32bit)
pdp10 DEC PDP-10
pdp11 DEC PDP-11
picochip Picochip/Mindspeed Picochip
Propeller Parallax Propeller
Hexagon Qualcomm Hexagon
rl78 NEC/Renesas RL78
rs6000 PowerPC Y(BE only)
rx Renesas RX
s390 IBM S/390
score Sunplus S+CORE
sh Hitachi/Renesas SuperH Y
sparc SUN SPARC (32 bit) Y
sparc64 SUN/Oracle SPARC64 Y
stormy16 Sanyo Stormy16
tilegx Tilera TILE-Gx Y(private)
tilepro Tilera TILEPro
TriCore Infineon TriCore
v850 NEC V850
x86_64 AMD/Intel 64bit Y
xtensa Tensilica Xtensa


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