This describes how to install NetBSD to KOBO.


  1. Basic Information
  2. Make uboot image
    1. Download Uboot image
  3. Make system image
  4. Boot
  5. uBoot default setting
  6. USB Hub

Basic Information

Make uboot image

Download Uboot image

Make system image


==== type veeery fast!! or saveenv
mmcinfo 1
fatload mmc 1 0x70800000 netbsd.bin
go 0x70800000

uBoot default setting

setenv bootcmd_netbsd 'mmcinfo 1;fatload mmc 1 0x70100000 netbsd.bin; go 0x70100000'
setenv bootcmd 'run bootcmd_netbsd'         
switch on and load netbsd.bin     


same as WZero3 WS003/4SH.
use hub such as USB-HUB250W (SANWA SUPPLY)
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