The NetBSD developer summit at AsiaBSDCon 2015 will be held Friday, 09:30-13:00, March 13th. Room E (see here. The room is at "K")

Planning to attend?

First Last login@ comment(s)
Bernd Ernesti veego
David Maxwell david
Jun Ebihara jun
Justin Cormack justin
Kengo Nakahara knakahara
Kenichi Hashimoto hkenken will be late.
Kimihiro NONAKA nonaka
Makoto Fujiwara mef
Masanobu SAITOH msaitoh
Masao Uebayashi uebayasi
Masaru OKI oki
Martin Husemann martin
Ryota Ozaki ozaki-r
Ryo Shimizu ryo
Taylor R Campbell riastradh

Planning to present something?

Speaker Title
all Self introduction (5minutes in each person)
msaitoh@ New NetBSD developer candidates(10-15 minutes)
msaitoh@ Current status and next step of MP capable network stack. (15 minutes?)
mef@ (pkgsrc) New trial: Getting list of updated status (15 minutes)
login@ Very Interesting Thing


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