NetBSD BoF 2016

Name Title Time Notes
Jun Ebihara (jun@) OpenSourceConference Activity and NetBSD RPI image 15 minutes
Ryota Ozaki (ozaki-r@) Current status of NetBSD MP-safe network stack project 25 minutes
Kengo Nakahara (knakahara@) Introduction of passive reference 15 minutes
Ryo SHIMIZU (ryo@) ipgen: Interactive Packet Generator for performance measurement 20 minutes
(break) 10 minutes
Masanobu SAITOH (msaitoh@), Naoya Kaneko Wireless LAN service in AsiaBSDCon 2016 by SA-W2 15 minutes
Joerg Sonnenberger (joerg@) Clang on SPARC 15 minutes
Ryo ONODERA (ryoon@) NetBSD on Google Compute Engine 15 minutes
Alistar Crooks (agc) NetBSD 30 minutes+