IMPORTANT: This project was completed by Joe Davis. You may still contact the people above for details, but please do not submit an application for this project.

The U-Boot bootloader is being used by an increasing number of devices, including lots which run NetBSD. The NetBSD ${TOOLDIR} infrastructure even includes the mkubootimage program, which is used to wrap binaries (e.g. a kernel) into a packet understood by U-Boot.

While the ${TOOLDIR} provides all toolchain bits needed (cross-compiler, assembler, linker, ...) and can be created by the script automatically for any supported architecture, U-Boot itself needs to be compiled natively on a Linux machine.

The purpose of this project is to fix this, and feed as much as possible of the resulting changes upstream to the U-Boot developers.

If possible, the result should be a pkgsrc package, that only needs to be pointed at a pre-populated tooldir for building. But a simple bsd style makefile would be good enough as well.

An optional extension (but unlikely to be doable within the GSoC timescale): add support for loading from FFS file system to U-Boot. This would allow devices with SATA or USB disks to load the kernel directly from the root file system (while currently a wrappd .ub copy of the kernel has to be put into flash or on SD card).

Deliverables of this project:

  1. Make U-Boot build on NetBSD, using a bsd style makefile and environment variables pointing at ${TOOLDIR}
  2. Discuss the changes needed for [1] with U-Boot upstream developers, follow their advice and try to upstream the changes
  3. Create a pkgsrc entry for the native U-Boot
  4. Add a FFS module to U-Boot, using NetBSD system headers

Items [2] and [4] will not be required for GSoC success.