IMPORTANT: This project was completed by Eugene Lozovoy. You may still contact the people above for details, but please do not submit an application for this project.

The goal of this project is to enhance the NetBSD system installer (sysinst) to provide additional support for (in order):

The installer currently supports installing the system to any available single disk. It is possible to select which parts (distribution sets) of the system to install, and also to customise the disk partition layout. Sysinst can also use vnode pseudo disks, so can be tested without the need to re-install the host system.

The first goal is to allow partitioning disks using the GUID partition table (GPT). The current partitioning code is tied heavily to the BSD disklabel. Fixing it is straight forward, but both methods have to be offered and only some architectures can boot from GPT disks.

The second goal is to allow preparing several disks. This part would also be usefull (see "other enhancements" below) as a stand-alone tool. Various disks may be partitioned using different shemes, for example when the boot disk can not use GPT, but secondary (large) disks should use it. This part also is a direct prerequisite for the following one.

The third goal is to (optionally) create logical volumes from multiple partitions or disks, either using raidframe or LVM. This includes making the volumes bootable, if possible.

The fourth goal is to add support for creating and installing on to cgd (encrypted) partitions. The initial support will not be for the boot partition, but other partitions should be supported.

The other enhancements that might be possible are (not in priority order):

user interface

cgd enhancements

automated test setup

The candidate must have:

The following would also be useful: