pkg_comp is a shell script that allows building packages inside a sandbox in an automated manner. The goal is to allow the user to build packages in a controller manner and to provide a simple mechanism to build packages for a host running a specific NetBSD release (e.g building packages for NetBSD 5.x while running NetBSD-current).

The current version of pkg_comp is written as a pretty big shell script that has grown out of control. It is hard to maintain and hard to extend. And, more importantly, it is not portable at all.

The goal of this project is to rewrite pkg_comp from scratch with portability being the main goal: it has to be possible to use the script in different Unix variants (including Mac OS X).

The language of choice for the reimplementation will be Python. The code will be hosted outside of pkgsrc to be able to distribute it as a standalone tool.

The following milestones should be accomplished:

As part of this project, the student will get familiar with pkgsrc, construction of sandboxes for different operating systems, unit testing, ATF and Python.

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