pkgin is aimed at being an apt-/yum-like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages. It relies on pkg_summary(5) for installation, removal and upgrade of packages and associated dependencies, using a remote repository.

While pkgin is now widely used and seems to handle packages installation, upgrade and removal correctly, there's room for improvement. In particular:

Main quest

To be confirmed / discussed:

Bonus I

In order to ease pkgin's integration with third party tools, it would be useful to split it into a library (libpkgin) providing all methods needed to manipulate packages, i.e., all pkgin's runtime capabilities and flags.

Bonus II (operation "burn the troll")

It would be a very nice addition to abstract SQLite backend so pkgin could be plugged to any database system. A proof of concept using bdb or cdb would fulfill the task.

Useful steps: