Grabbing audio CDs

Grabbing audio CDs can be done using various ways.

Using the package abcde

abcde is an acronym for A Basic CD Encoder and is available from pkgsrc. This package grabs a CD using the cdparanoia package for optimum readout quality and encodes the audio with selectable backends vorbis, mp3, flac, spx, mpc wav and m4a.

Grab the disk using

abcde -d /dev/rcd0d -o mp3 -p -P

This will encode the disc track-by-track padding the tracknumbers with a leading 0 and using UNIX pipes to read+encode without leaving the WAV files. See for details the cdparanoia and abcde manpages and help messages.

Burning audio CDs


Filesystems ISO and UDF


Choosing discs

Formatting discs

Mounting and unmounting discs


Grabbing ISO images

Burning ISO images

Mounting and unmounting discs

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