Open Sound System for NetBSD

This page shows the progress of the porting of OSSv4 to NetBSD.


The current version is v4.2 (hg-889)



What works?

Loading osscore.kmod works. Loading virtal drivers work.

No functional testing has been done yet.

Who is working on it?


Where to get it?

You will need devel/mercurial and lang/gawk and devel/gmake to build it.

Browse online:

To get it:

hg clone

How to build it?

I use this to build modules:

rm -rf /tmp/ossbuild
mkdir /tmp/ossbuild
cd /tmp/ossbuild


gmake build

cd prototype/usr/lib/oss/build/


what's the status on this, given that the last commit to the hg repository seems to be from 2011?

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Comment by ente Monday evening, June 3rd, 2013
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