Over the last few months, many of NetBSD's graphical console drivers have gained the ability to use anti-aliased fonts. This was done mostly as a way to allow relatively easy access to a vast number of fonts, but they also look a lot better than plain monochrome fonts. With the genfb(4) driver this feature is available on almost all supported hardware which supports graphics. Some specialized drivers also support it (such as radeonfb(4), r128fb(4), voodoofb(4), ffb(4) and voyagerfb(4) ) and more are being added over time.

In order to improve overall usability and to give NetBSD a more unified look across different platforms, we are going to use a single default font and colour scheme on all platforms. Since studies prove its superiour readability we are proud to announce that Microsoft has granted permission to use the Comic Sans font in all future NetBSD releases.


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The following projects have been chosen for Google Summer of Code™ this year (sorted by student's last name):
  • Socket option to timestamp UDP packets in the kernel
  • Student: Vlad Balan
  • TLS (HTTPS) support in net/tnftp
  • Student: Miklós HOMOLYA
  • Port ASan to NetBSD
  • Student: steve
  • Sysinst enhancements
  • Student: Eugene Lozovoy
  • HTree directory indexing for Ext3
  • Student: Vyacheslav Matyushin
  • NAT-PMP and/or UPnP IGD support for NPF; MiniUPnP integration
  • Student: Zoltan Arnold Nagy
  • NAT64/46 and NPTv6 integration with NPF
  • Student: mpp
Students: thanks for your quality proposals. We're looking forward to quality projects. :) We hope you'll have an interesting, successful, and also fun summer working with us.
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