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About NetBSD/sparc

NetBSD/sparc is based on work done at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory by the Computer Systems Engineering group under DARPA contract BG 91-66, which later appeared in the 4.4BSD-Lite distribution from the University of California, Berkeley. It was imported into the NetBSD source tree on October 2, 1993. Special thanks are extended to the LBL Computer Systems Engineering group for their work. Without their work, this port would not exist.

For frequently asked questions and links to Sun hardware information, see the NetBSD/sparc FAQ.

For newer UltraSPARC-based machines, see NetBSD/sparc64

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Mailing List

The NetBSD/sparc mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to sparc machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

Mail the NetBSD/sparc port maintainer

Supported Hardware

Note: Models marked '(SMP)'can have multiple CPUs.

Sun sun4m machines (all known SuperSPARC, hyperSPARC, microSPARC, and TurboSPARC CPUs are supported):

Sun4m compatibles (including):

Sun sun4c machines:

Sun4c compatibles (including):

Sun sun4 machines:

Supported Hardware

See the supported hardware page for a complete list.

Unsupported Hardware

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