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About NetBSD/mvme68k

NetBSD/mvme68k is the port of NetBSD to Motorola's 68k VME Single Board Computers (SBC). The first Motorola SBC was introduced in 1988. Motorola developed various 68k and PowerPC based SBC VME modules.

NetBSD runs on the original Motorola 68k VME SBC (MVME147), the 68040 based MVME162 (LX 200/300 and the P2/P4 series based on the Petra ASIC) and MVME167, as well as the 68060 based MVME172 (LX 200/300 and Petra P2/P4) and MVME177 boards.

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The NetBSD/mvme68k mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to mvme68k machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

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Supported Hardware

These are the Motorola Single Board Computers that NetBSD/mvme68k supports.

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