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About NetBSD/hpcsh

NetBSD/hpcsh brings the NetBSD operating system to HITACHI Super-H family based Windows CE PDA machines. Currently, the sh3 processor is supported.

The port name hpcsh was coined from hardwares NetBSD/hpcsh runs: SH based systems in Microsoft's H/PC (Handheld PC) form factor. A H/PC machine contains a keyboard and a touch screen, equipped with 8MB or more RAM. The port supports the HPC form factor, as well as the H/PC Pro and PsPC (Palmsized PC). (Many PsPC machines are used by the developers for active development.)

NetBSD/hpcsh is an ideal platform for mobile computing applications because of hardware sizes. And, of course, NetBSD/hpcsh supports all the standard features you expect NetBSD, such as IPv6 and IPsec.

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The NetBSD/hpcsh mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to hpcsh machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

Mail the NetBSD/hpcsh port maintainer

Supported Hardware

Supported System Models

Many kinds of H/PC, H/PC Pro, and PsPC systems are supported by NetBSD/hpcsh. View the supported system table to see if your system is supported.

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