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About NetBSD/atari

NetBSD/atari is the port of NetBSD to the Atari line of personal computers. Development activity on NetBSD/atari continues at a speed dependent on people's spare time. Currently, NetBSD/atari runs on the TT030, Falcon and Hades. Experimental support is available for the Milan.

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The NetBSD/atari mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to atari machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

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Supported Hardware

A minimal system should have a 68030 CPU, 4MB RAM (of which 2MB can be ST-RAM) and a SCSI or IDE disk. An FPU is not really necessary because the BOOT and BOOTX kernels supplied in the distribution both contain FPU-emulation support. Although the current emulation does not yet cover the full MC68882 instruction set, you will see that you will get a very workable system.


The Hades PCI bus is very critical. Many cards are not recognized. This seems to be due to electrical problems. The current Adaptec driver does no longer work, unfortunately.