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About NetBSD/acorn32

NetBSD/acorn32 is a port to ARM- and StrongARM-powered Acorn RiscPC compatible machines and is maintained by Reinoud Zandijk (reinoud). The first formal release of NetBSD/acorn32 was 1.6. In earlier releases of NetBSD, these machines were supported by NetBSD/arm32.

The port first saw light as RiscBSD in 1994 and was later transformed into NetBSD/arm32. In 2001, the arm32 port was split into separate ports for the various supported hardware types. NetBSD/acorn32 was one of these.

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Mailing List

The NetBSD/acorn32 mailing list, covering NetBSD's port to acorn32 machine: [ subscribe | archive ]

Mail the NetBSD/acorn32 port maintainer

Supported Hardware

Supported System Models

These are systems made by various computer manufacturers for which support as a whole exists.

Earlier ARM-based Acorn machines are supported by NetBSD/acorn26.

Additional Info


Core processor support was written by Mark Brinicombe (most of it) and Neil Carson (some of libkern and pmap, floating point emulators and libraries).

Support for Acorn platforms was written by Mark Brinicombe (most of it) with help from Scott Stevens (various device drivers), Melvin Tang Richardson (VIDC console), Mike Pumford (EtherH driver) and Andrew McMurry (Acorn FileCore file system).

Ongoing Work

We invite you to examine the summary of current NetBSD/acorn32 problem reports.